Chocolates come in different shapes and forms. These are the types we have available:

Plain solid chocolates are chocolates which are not coloured, not flavoured and not filled; this is the most commonly made chocolate of all.

Flavoured chocolates are a treat and make a box of plain solid chocolates into something special.

Dipped chocolates are a delicious treat with the emphasis on taste and flavour. There is a variety of goodies that can be dipped ranging from nuts, ginger (glazed), cherries (glazed), marshmallows to whatever you desire.

Filled chocolates are always delicious i.e. nuts, soft centre fillings (pralines/ ganache/ hazelnut and French biscuit etc), mixed-in fillings (mint crisp / caramel crunch / rum / coffee etc)

Marbled chocolates is a mixing of white into dark or dark in white chocolate to give a natural effect.

Hollow chocolates are three dimensional chocolates that are hollow in the inside

Boxes out of chocolate are edible boxes made from chocolate and filled with delicious small handmade chocolates (solid, flavoured, dipped or filled) and make exceptional gifts. There are a variety of moulds available.